Welcome to an Epitome of Japan. Welcome to a Microcosm in the Heart of Japan.

Photo by Naoki Honjo

Welcome to an Epitome of Japan. Welcome to a Microcosm in the Heart of Japan.

Welcome to an Epitome of Japan. Welcome to a Microcosm in the Heart of Japan.

Just imagine it; the scenery of a city where people live and work by the sea, which flows like a single river. That sea is called the Onomichi Channel, and that scenery is the microcosm of life in Japan. Since the port opened in the Middle Ages, Onomichi has flourished as a port town where people, things, and assets gathered. Temples, shrines, and houses, connected by hilly roads and alleyways, filled the limited space between the Onomichi Channel and the three surrounding mountains, creating a view that looks like a "miniature garden." The scenery of that miniature garden changes depending on which of the stories that shape this town you focus on. It may be a projection of the longing for the past you feel in your heart. It may be like a bonsai version of Japan that people from overseas have imagined. And before you know it, this town will make you feel something unique, too. Come see what Onomichi, a part of Japan Heritage, makes you feel.


Photo Gallery of Onomichi

  • Japan Heritage Onomichi City.Cultural Properties
  • View of Hilly Roads and Alleyways
  • Saikokuji Temple Niomon Gate
  • Saikokuji Temple, Main Hall and Three-storied Pagoda
  • Jodoji Temple Main Hall and Grounds, Two-Storied Multi-treasure Pagoda
  • Saigoji Temple Main Hall and Sanmon Gate
  • Tenneiji Temple Pagoda (Kaiunto)
  • Senkoji Temple Amida Triad (Buddha Carving)
  • Jikoji Temple Color on Silk Image of Fugen Enmei
  • Joshoji Temple Main Hall, Kannondo Hall, Main Gate, Bell Tower
  • Former Fukui Residence
  • Soraiken Garden
  • Former Onomichi Bank Head Office(Memorial Hall of Literature)
  • Former Onomichi Chamber of Commerce (Onomichi Chamber of Commerce Memorial Hall)
  • Takemuraya
  • Nishiyama Honkan
  • Miharashitei
  • Betcha Festival
  • Yoshiwa Taiko Dance
  • Sumiyoshi Festival

The photographs above include photographs not taken by Naoki Honjo.

Photographer Naoki Honjo


Naoki Honjo

Born in Tokyo, 1978. Graduated from the Department of Photography, Faculty of Arts, at Tokyo Polytechnic University and majored in media art at the university's Graduate School of Arts. In 2006, he won the Kimura Ihei Award for "small planet" in which photographs of sights are taken like miniatures. With his unique method of art, he plays an active role in fields such as advertising or magazines. Also, his works are shown in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

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